Tetepare Island Ecolodge Price List (valid from Jan 2018)

Due to COVID we are offering discount rates, please contact us for the current discounted rates

Tetepare is a remote uninhabited island and is harder to reach than many common tourist destinations. Intrepid visitors with a keen sense of adventure will be rewarded for their efforts by close encounters with wildlife such as turtles, dugongs, giant rainforest trees, huge bump-headed parrotfish and harmless reef sharks.

The Ecolodge staff are only present on the island when visitors are there. We endeavour to keep prices low but we have significant costs for the transport of food, staff and guests. All our vegetables are organic and sourced fresh from local islands where village women grow them in their gardens. Your stay will help the descendants of Tetepare continue to protect and conserve the island whilst gaining employment and other benefits.

Tetepare is uninhabited but please consider visiting the local villages on neighbouring islands to buy carvings or take a village tour to see how the locals live and grow their food. You will be supporting them by providing much needed income for school fees, soap and stable food items.

To book a stay at the Tetepare Island Ecolodge, click here. Rates are in Australian and Solomon Dollars and a current currency conversion is available here. To enjoy all that Tetepare has to offer we suggest you stay at least 5 nights and ideally a week to enable you to experience the wide range of activities and include relaxation time.


(please note due to the remote nature of the island there is a 2 night minimum stay)

Adults (12 years and older) $100 Aust per night for first 4 nights (approx $600 SBD)
Children (2-12 years) $50 Aust per night (approx $300 SBD per night)
Infant (<2 years) FREE

The daily package includes

  • Accommodation in a traditional leaf house including bed linen and mosquito net ($40 Aust)
  • Breakfast ($10 Aust
  • Lunch ($12 Aust)
  • Dinner ($15 Aust)
  • Your own local guide who will accompany you on rainforest walks, snorkelling and other activities and share their expert local knowledge with you ($20 Aust)
  • Solomon Island Visitor Bureau Bed Tax ($3 Aust)
  • All non-boat activities (activities that involve boat use incur a charge to cover fuel costs)

Special rate for longer stays

For guests staying more than 4 nights the 5th and subsequent nights are charged at $85 per night Aust per adult. The children’s rate stays the same.

conservation fee

All non-descendants visiting Tetepare are charged a one-time conservation fee. This fee goes towards supporting the conservation programs on the island and is regardless of the length of visit.

Conservation Fee Adult $20 Aust per adult
Conservation Fee Child (2-12 years) No charge
Conservation Fee Infant (<2 years) No charge

Single person surcharge

Unfortunately due to the fact that a minimum number of staff are required when guests are present we need to charge a single person surcharge of 10% per night on the nightly rate only. This will be waived for the 5th and subsequent nights.

private boat transfers (rates are per group, one way)

Tetepare offers transfers to guests, please check rates when booking. Prices change regularly due to changes in fuel costs.

Prices are per boat for up to 6 people. Divide by 6 to convert to Australian dollars. Extra person is charged at $300 per person per transfer (over 6 people).

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARRIVE USING YOUR OWN TRANSPORT YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED 1000 SBD. This is because the transfer also allows us to bring your food and supplies to Tetepare Island and without it we need to make a separate trip.

Pickup Drop off Rates in SBD$ No. of Guests/Single Boat
Munda - Tetepare 1900 Up to 6
Munda - Lola 600 Up to 6
Lola - Tetepare 2400 Up to 6
Noro - Tetepare 2800 Up to 6
Uepi/Charapoana -Tetepare 2900 Up to 6
Tetepare -Ughele 1300 Up to 6
Gizo - Munda 4000 Up to 6
Gizo Tetepare 4500 Up to 6
Wilderness/Peava -Tetepare 3800 Up to 6
Ropiko- Tetepare 3950 Up to 6
Titiru -Tetepare 1500 Up to 6


Shared transfers may be available if other guests are transferring on the same day. Please contact the TDA office to find out if/when shared transfers are available.

TDA endeavours to keep the cost of transfers as low as possible for guests. These prices cover the cost of petrol and the boat drivers wage.  If you are on a tight budget, one of the cheapest ways to get to Tetepare from Honiara is to catch the Bikoi Ferry from Honiara to the town of Ughele on Rendova Island and arrange for the Tetepare boat or local transport to pick you up from there. The ferry trip is a long trip of about 24 hours, however is cheaper than the flight, and drops you at a town closer to Tetepare than Munda, thus saving you money on the transfer.

activity prices

Most activities not requiring a boat are free, such as snorkelling and wildlife walks. A guide will accompany you during island activities and is included in the all inclusive daily package. Trips that travel further from the Ecolodge on foot or that require a boat will be charged a fee per boat for up to 6 passengers. This is to cover fuel costs, the high cost of getting fuel to the island as well as the boat driver’s wage and engine maintenance. Ask for a list of activity prices when you book your stay. There are many boat trips available on Tetepare including visits to kastom sites, the crocodile lake, rivers, snorkelling reefs in the protected area., seeing dolphins at Livutana, looking for dugongs or leatherback turtle nests, Lokuru village visit, Raro river visit and turtle tagging with the Tetepare rangers.

Prices for visiting yachts

The TDA welcomes yachts and sailboats to visit Tetepare, but asks that all people visiting Tetepare on sailing boats pay the $20 Aust per person Conservation Fee and follow the TDA visitor code of conduct, including rules prohibiting fishing within the Marine Protected Area. Yachts are not permitted to anchor within the MPA in front of the field station. Yachtspeople. Yatchspeople are also welcome to book accommodation at the ecolodge, and to hire local guides for on- island activities such as bushwalks, wildlife watching trips, kastom site visits and snorkelling trips. Should you wish to stay at the ecolodge or hire guides, we recommend you contact us in advance to ensure rooms and guides are available for you.

Prices quoted in Solomon Dollars are a guide only, because exchange rates fluctuate. Prices will be charged in Australian dollars but can be paid in Solomon Dollars (SBD) based on the latest conversion rates. Payments will be accepted in Solomon Dollars, or by advanced bank transfer. Bank transfers will only be accepted if paid at least 10 day before arrival on Tetepare, to allow us to confirm successful transfer of the funds with our bank. To check the latest currency conversion rates, click here.

Prices may change without notice.

To book a stay at the Tetepare Island Ecolodge, click here.

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