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We are grateful to the many organisations and individuals who support the Tetepare Project. These organisations and individuals assist us to conserve the very special island of Tetepare and to support TDA communities through scholarships, sustainable livelihoods initiatives, and community wellbeing projects. We could not continue to operate without the ongoing support of our donors.

Currently, the CEPF and SICCP are major donors contributing to TDA's governance and conservation work. Previously, the EU provided a micro-grant to allow the TDA to establish its successful Tetepare Island Ecolodge, as well as sustainable livelihoods projects. WWF continues to support TDA whenever it can through grants for conservation and community workshops. AusAid, the American Museum of Natural History, NZ AID, Conservation Agreement Fund, Conservation Ark, Global Leadership Foundation, and NOAA have all contributed to the TDA’s conservation programs.

Project patrons John Read and Katherine Moseby have been long-time supporters of the TDA. John and Katherine are Australian-based biologists who visit the island at least once a year to provide advice and guidance. John has written an acclaimed book about their experience entitled “The Last Wild Island: Saving Tetepare”. Proceeds from the book go towards supporting the TDA’s conservation programs.

Australian Volunteers International has supported the project by providing technical advisors to work with the TDA on 18 month placements.

CUSO (Canadian University Services Overseas) previously supported the Tetepare project by providing four technical advisors to the project between 2004 and 2008, and building a leaf house for long-term technical advisors on Tetepare Island.

Several organisations and individuals have contributed to the TDA's education fund, which provides scholarships for local children from TDA communities, as a benefit to the community for conserving Tetepare Island. Among the donors to this important scholarship program are the Honeypot Foundation and Zoos SA from Australia, Conservation Agreement Fund, former TDA-technical advisors Laurie Wein and Dave Argument from Canada and the Ella George Children's fund, through Conservation International.

Many people have contributed text and/or photos to this website including Misha Carnell, Michaela Farrington, Katherine Moseby, Anthony Plummer, Yvette Mooney, Laurie Wein, John Read, Gillian Goby and Patrick Pikacha.

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