What To Bring to Tetepare

The following is a list of suggested items to bring on a visit to Tetepare. Please note, alcohol causes significant social issues in the Solomon Islands and TDA staff are not permitted to drink alcohol whilst on the island. TDA prefers guests not to bring alcohol onto the island and alcohol is not available for sale.

Reef walkers/sandals/crocs
Shoes you are comfortable hiking in
Long-sleeved light shirt
Light pants
Loose T-shirts
Long shorts
Boardshorts - recommended for swimming for both men and women due to local sensitivities
Lycra rashie/swimming top
Sun hat
Insect repellent
Day pack
Water bottle
Binoculars if you are interested in birdwatching
Torch & batteries
Alarm clock
Pocket knife
Snorkel & mask
Travelling sewing kit
Notebook and pen
Ziplock/waterproof bags (for documents and clothes)
Passport/travel insurance documents
Cards/travel games/books
Magazines/books for gifts
Photos of family & home
Fishing equipment if you would like to fish outside the Marine Protected Area
Laundry soap
Toiletry bag and toiletries
First Aid kit
Any snacks or treats you wish to eat while on Tetepare
Please note, there are no shops on Tetepare, nor any refrigeration or reliable electricity.

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