Visiting Researchers

TDA welcomes researchers to visit Tetepare to conduct field work. In recent years, TDA has hosted researchers studying fish, bats, turtles, vertebrates, butterflies, ants, scorpions, forests, rivers and cultural sites.

TDA rangers and guides are available to assist researchers with data collection and are keen to learn new skills from such visitors.

We ask that all researchers who wish to work on Tetepare sign a memorandum of understanding with TDA, and arrange their visit with TDA management in writing, prior to their arrival.

All researchers must also obtain proper authorisation from the government of the Solomon Islands. TDA can provide assistance in obtaining research permits through the Solomon Islands Department of Education, if needed.

For more information, please contact TDA Programme Coordinator Allan Tippet Bero.or TDA patrons John Read and Katherine Moseby

One example of recent research is the partnership between Wetlands International and TDA to complete an inventory of Tetepare’s rivers and population estimates for endangered saltwater species such as the Humphead Wrasse and several species of sharks. Additional specimens of a new fish genera found on Tetepare will also be collected.

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