The Last Wild Island


  Tetepare descendants from the village of Baniata on Rendova Island


We need your help to save Tetepare - the last wild island of the Pacific. There are many ways you can help conserve Tetepare, and the island's precious rainforests, reefs and wildlife.

We depend on donations from organisations and individuals to keep our conservation program running. We are raising money for an endowment fund, to continue our conservation work and give our conservation program long-term sustainability. You can help save Tetepare by making a donation to our endowment fund. a green turtle from Tetepare Island

Money raised will be used for conervation work including turtle monitoring and patrolling the Marine Protected Area, and will ensure the long-term stability and sustainability of our conservation project.

By supporting the TDA, you will be joining with prominent environmental and aid organisations, such as the WWF, NZAid, AusAID, Australian Volunteers International, Conservation International and the European Union as well as generous individuals who have chosen to support the TDA's work to conserve Tetepare Island in recent years.

There are many ways that our friends and supporters have chosen to help Tetepare in the past; if you feel you would like to make a donation to our conservation or community programs, you can read more about some ways you can help here.

If you would like to discuss other ways to support our work, please contact the TDA Programme Coordinator

You can also support the TDA by visiting the Tetepare Ecolodge. Ecotourists support our conservation program when they visit Tetepare and stay at the ecolodge. Your stay at the Tetepare Ecolodge will provide jobs for local people, and help the TDA ensure Tetepare is protected for future generations.

Whilst always adhering to national and international border and customs regulations, our eco-lodge team would be very grateful if you could bring some herbs and spices to the island, as our team of cooks are always keen to experiment with new tastes and flavours.

Gifts of rain-jackets and snorkel gear (including fins) for our rangers, marine monitors and drivers are always extremely welcome •

If you would like to make a personal gift to a specific individual on the island, please be sure to make this clear to the recipient and to the Conservation or Eco-lodge Managers that the gift is intended for a particular individual.




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