The Last Wild Island
 Tetepare's azure lagoon

For all booking and reservation enquiries, please contact us at teteparebookings@gmail.com

For all other information, including media enquiries, please contact TDA programme co-ordinator, Allan Bero, at tetepare@solomon.com.sb

Phone: +677 62163

Mail: PO Box 131
Munda, Western Province
Solomon Islands


Tetepare’s pristine rainforest, rich coral reefs, fascinating cultural sites and unique wildlife attract ecotourists from around the world. Tourists can swim in azure lagoons, snorkel in one of the largest Marine Protected Areas in the Solomons, walk in the rainforest, bird watch, see rare and endangered species, assist rangers with conservation work, picnic on beaches and visit cultural sites from headhunting days.

By visiting Tetepare, ecotourists support our conservation program and help the TDA ensure Tetepare is protected for future generations. more

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